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Welcome to the home of the best Bellevue, WA electrical service you'll find in the region! We're committed to giving you the kind of full electrical service that you deserve, and offer every type of electrical installation you will need.

Bellevue Electricians are one of the single most important professionals that will work on your home. While carpenters are responsible for the frame and the trim and roofers ensure your home is leak-free, electricians are responsible for giving you the kind of electrical setup you need to enjoy your time in your home. Plus, they are in charge of ensuring that your home is wired safely. Finding a good electrical contractor is vital, and we are committed to providing the best level of professional service in the Bellevue, WA industry.

Our Goal
It starts with our goal, which is nothing more than to provide the best Bellevue electrical service in the region at the best price we can offer. Instead of trying to make a fortune off of one job, we believe that keeping our prices low and fair will generate the kind of reputation we want to have. Our customers get the best value for their money, and we treat everyone the way they deserve to be treated.

Excellence In All We Do
Beyond our prices, we feel that excellence in every aspect of our job matter. We begin by analyzing the job's specific needs and then give you an estimate of cost free of charge. This estimate is calculated carefully to ensure that there is little chance you'll end up with surprise fees on your final bill.

Once we get started, we continue that commitment to excellence. Our professional Bellevue, WA electricians take pride in what they do, and treat your installation as if they were working in their own home. Electricity is a vital part of a home, but it's also important to remember that it can be dangerous. We use quality materials and take the time to do the installation correctly so you and your family don't have to worry about any issues arising as a result of your electrical installation.

What We Handle
We provide everything you could need in terms of Bellevue electrical work including:

  • New Bellevue home wiring
  • Breaker box replacement
  • Remodel wiring
  • New fixture installation
  • Troubleshooting and repair
  • Safety light installation
  • Indoor and outdoor wiring
  • And more

Our Customer Service Pledge
We operate under a pledge to provide top of the line customer service that impresses our Bellevue, WA clients in a big way. This includes a lot of different components including:

  • Providing a fair, honest quote that won't change
  • Commitment to answering all questions and addressing all concerns
  • Finishing every Bellevue job we start, and staying on the job until the customer is satisfied
  • Addressing any issues that the customer feels need to be addressed.

We value every one of our Bellevue, WA clients, whether we're doing a minor remodeling job or a huge new home installation. You deserve to be treated in a way that reflects just how important you are, and all of our employees take huge steps to do just that.

Why You Should Trust Us
All of the previously mentioned points help to show our Bellevue customers why it is that we're an electrical contracting company in Bellevue, WA with a difference. Your home is important to you, and it's important to us as well. Here's a quick rundown of just why we're leading the way in making our customers so satisfied.

  • We're fully licensed and insured in Bellevue, WA
  • All of our electricians are highly skilled in every aspect of electrical installation and repair
  • We value customer service and believe in treating the customer fairly
  • We regularly train our Bellevue electricians in new techniques and the use of new tools to improve their ability to serve our clients
  • We give every job the same high level of attention, whether it's a large installation or a minor fixture replacement
  • We stay on the job until it's finished instead of leaving you with a half-finished installation for weeks at a time
  • We offer every type of electrical service you may need
  • We refuse to cut corners
  • Our free estimate is a fair, accurate one that won't change unless a major issue arises that is out of our control, at which point we'll discuss the situation with you

Simply put, we're the best Bellevue electrical contractor you can find for your money. Our devotion to workmanship, customer service, and quality is the reason that we've built a reputation for professionalism in the region. If you want an electrical contractor in Bellevue, WA you can trust, we're here for you.

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